50 little ways to maintain productivity this summer!

It’s the holiday period! Summer is here, and for those of us struggling with depression or anxiety, those enjoying summer a little too much, and those falling behind, it’s really important to maintain a productive lifestyle.

Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll be more successful and ultimately more happy. These aren’t huge changes, either, just little things you can do here and there to increase your productivity!

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1. Try out a new, simple recipe.

2. Go through your emails & unsubscribe all the random newsletters from sites you signed up for that you don’t actually read.

3. Go through your cupboards & find clothes, sports equipment, decor, kitchen utensils & electronics that you don’t use so you can donate or sell it.

4. Change your sheets on your bed.

5. If you’re feeling bored of your room, buy some cheap bedding in a cute print to spruce up your space.

6. Learn how to sew a simple square throw pillow cover if you have a sewing machine (there are lots of youtube tutorials on this & it’s so easy).

7. Go through your itunes or spotify library & delete all of that old music you never listen to.

8. Spend some time on your favourite streaming service & find some new music.

9. Have coffee alone at a café you have never tried before & just people watch.

10. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, learn (borrow a friend’s bike if you don’t have your own).

11. Spend a day doing food prep for the future with easily freezable food (like pasta dishes & soups).

12. Check Facebook events to see if there are interesting events nearby you.

13. Visit a weekend market!

14. Visit your local nursery & get cute cheap plants (like succulents) & revamp your garden or balcony.

15. If you have a botanical garden nearby, visit & take with snacks & a book.

16. Go window shopping.

17. Watch a documentary with a positive, uplifting storyline.

18. Go to the bookstore or library and pick out a new read.

19. Go through social media friends/ followers & delete people who you aren’t interested in anymore or who post frankly annoying content.

20. If you haven’t spoken to a good friend/ family member, ask if you can give them a call & have a catch up session.

21. Clean your kitchen & bathroom (you’ll be surprised what some countertop cleaner & elbow grease can do).

22. Put in effort to drill holes in the wall for the painting/ poster you’ve been meaning to hang up forever.

23. Clean out the fridge & the inside with hot, soapy water.

24. Wash your car (inside & out).

25. Email that person you have been needing to contact.

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26. Update old photo frames by getting new, relevant photos printed.

27. If you have a significant other, take them on a picnic or treat them to coffee at their favourite café – their appreciation will make you feel good about yourself & they’ll think of you as a true romantic.

28. Delete all of the apps on your phone / PC you don’t use.

29. Go through your photos & delete all the duplicates & useless pictures.

30. Go through your stationary &  throw out all the dried up pens.

31. If you’re lucky to have grandparents & they live close by, visit & bring some cupcakes – you have no idea how much they’ll appreciate it.

32. Go through your wardrobe & find the clothes with holes & missing buttons & fix them (it’s literally so easy).

33. Throw out your socks who have lost their friend through the laundry.

34. Take a bath & treat yourself to bubbles, candles, music & a glass of wine.

35. Clear & sort the pile of papers that’s been on your desk for months now.

36. Soak, cut, file & paint your toenails.

37. Wash your makeup brushes & beauty blender.

38. Go through your makeup bag & throw out the expired or used up makeup.

39. Review your monthly budget, & see if there’s somewhere you could save more because of silly spending habits.

40. Meditate for 30 minutes with some binaural beats in the background.

41. Get your ass to the gym, go for a run, do a home workout, go hiking etc.

42. If you have a S.O. write them a little love letter to show how much you love & appreciate them.

43. Change the light bulbs in your house that no longer work.

44. If you have a pet, spend some time playing and snuggling with them.

45. Wash your hair & spend some time blowdrying, braiding, straightening, or curling it so that it makes you feel all pretty & special.

46. If you’re into tattoos, make a Pinterest board with inspiration for your next tattoo.

47. Call your mom, tell her you love her. Your dad too.

48. Update your wishlist on your favourite online store.

49. If you feel down anxious a lot lately, make an appointment with your therapist to talk it out.

50. If you’re tired, try a 30 minute nap instead of your 5th coffee of the day!

We hope these tips will help you!!

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