How Plitvice Lakes Made One Traveller Fall In Love

The Plitvice Lakes is truly somewhere dreams are made of, it's like a fantasy land, and somewhere many people look forward to one day visiting. Tara Povey, one lucky travel journalist, was lucky enough to make a trip there, and she's fallen in love with the place. She believes in fairies now! I have DREAMED of Plitvice lakes for the past couple of years. It's hard not to when my Pinterest dashboard ...

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How to overcome your fear of travelling and take on the world!

If you're afraid of travelling, firstly, you're not alone. Anxiety when it comes to travelling is very common. There are millions of people dying to travel but just too scared to take that jump! As someone who used to be like that, I understand the fear. One thing I find soothes my anxiety is preparation. An organised travel, and an organised mind, equals a great trip. Today we'll talk about 4 common worries. What ...

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Here’s what it REALLY takes to be an international tour guide

Are you curious about becoming a tour guide? It's something many people dream of, but very few actually venture out and actively begin to work towards. It can be very tough, but it's also very rewarding! One tour guide who has given tours from the UK, to Japan, to Egypt, chimes in on what it takes to be a good tour guide. Ability to read the audience and customize the tour to ...

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Travelling alone the SMART way

Travelling alone can be daunting and even a bad experience if you're not well prepared, so it's important to be smart when it comes to that all important trip you're dying to do! Here's what you need to do in order to make your time travelling as enjoyable as possible. Be laptop smart Not only is it exceedingly hard to navigate foreign transport sites from a phone, a laptop will prove very valuable ...

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How tipping works (or doesn’t work) around the world

It's tough to understand tipping etiquette from country to country, for example in the USA a tip is expected, whilst in Singapore it's not allowed. You may have lots of questions, some complex and some simple. Do you tip on a cruise? What if a tip is taken as an insult? We're here to help tell you all about the tipping customs of different countries! Argentina Traditionally, 10% is left at restaurants, ...

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