Make the most of your iPad in 2018!

The first generation iPad came out 8 years ago in April of 2010! Despite the recent launches of the iPad pro not being as successful as hoped, the original iPad is lowering in cost and still maintains a good hold on the market.

Despite millions moving to phones, phablets, and Android tablets, the iPad is still an iconic piece of technology. Are you one of those users? We’ll give you some tips on making the most of your iPad, 8 years on.


Thieves and curious toddlers can cause all hell to break loose when it comes to technology, so it’s important to secure your iPad.

What we recommend to do is go into your Settings, go to Touch ID & Passcode. Set up a passcode (six digits minimum; alphanumeric preferred) and Touch ID, and have the iPad require the passcode when someone tries to unlock it. You can also turn on Find My iPad and Send Last Location under iCloud – that way, in the worst case scenario, you can track your iPad at!

Back up your settings, content, and images.

Technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in the world today, but it can also break or get damaged easily. If you have all your work documents, family pictures, and more saved on there, you could lose it all! So it’s important to back up every single thing securely on iCloud. You can turn this on in iCloud settings.

Credit: Sketch App Sources

Improve productivity by mastering multitasking on your iPad

“Gone are the days when the iPad restricted you to gawping at one app at a time. Now, there’s Split View (two-up app view) and Slide Over (iPhone sized app lurks over another full-screen app).” say StuffTV

You can activate either by dragging them from the bottom of the screen to get the dock up, then drag an icon. It’s that simple! For split view, drag it to either side of the screen. If you want the slide over option, place the icon somewhere else.

This allows you to have two of your favourite apps open at the same time, perfect multitasking!

Make the most out of the virtual keyboard.

Credit: Stuff.TV

Of course, if you’re writing a book or doing serious written work, it would be best to consider a ‘proper’ keyboard, however the virtual iPad keypad’s ease of use can make typing very efficient!

In the Keyboard settings, you can create shortcuts that expand to full phrases, which will vastly improve the speed up of your text input.

Additionally, you can flick downwards quickly on any key and input the symbol above the key. For example the & above the F. You can also tap and hold on letters to view accented letters. You can split the keyboard by holding the keyboard button and clicking split for thumb mode!

Something that many can agree on across Platforms is that the app store ecosystem is one-of-a-kind, although it can be tempting to go and spend ages downloading everything of interest, that might not be good for your storage!

Yes, there are some amazing third-party apps for the iPad, but it’s also good to get to know the built in ones, they might surprise you.