Man travels to every state to donate his services to the elderly!

Rodney Smith Jr. set out not only to travel the entirety of the United States, but to do a good deed whilst he does it! This ...

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How to overcome your fear of travelling and take on the world!

If you're afraid of travelling, firstly, you're not alone. Anxiety when it comes to travelling is very common. There are millions of people dying to ...

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Here’s what it REALLY takes to be an international tour guide

Are you curious about becoming a tour guide? It's something many people dream of, but very few actually venture out and actively begin to work ...

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This no left turn sign has made a street in Montreal inaccessible

Recently in the city of Montreal, a "no left turn" sign was installed at the entrance to Towers Street, a block-long, one-way road. Because of ...

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How Sao Paolo made their streets cleaner by banning advertising

A decade ago, Sao Paulo introduced a law called Lei Cidade Limpa, the Clean City Law, after which 15,000 marketing billboards were removed from the ...

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Take the first steps to making the most of your summer!

Summer is a time to live in the moment, to forget about the problems in your life, any problems you have with yourself, and to ...

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