This no left turn sign has made a street in Montreal inaccessible

Recently in the city of Montreal, a “no left turn” sign was installed at the entrance to Towers Street, a block-long, one-way road.

Because of this, the sign turned the entire block into a legal no-go zone, and cut off access to parking garages for residents of apartments along the impacted street.

Credit: Kurt Kohlstedt

Residents took to Twitter to share pictures of the situation and vent their confusion.

Credit: Twitter / Captain2396

As you can see on the map below, Towers’ cross streets are both one-way. Drivers enter from Saint Catherine Street, and exit at De Maisonneuve Boulevard. Due to all roads involved being one-way roads now, only one route provides access to the street: Heading northeast on Saint Catherine and then turning left onto Towers!

Once the “no left turn” sign was put up along Saint Catherine, drivers were still able to exit the block by turning left or right onto De Maisonneuve Boulevard, because they were prevented from turning onto Towers in the first place, they could depart, but were unable to return.

Within a day, video cameras begun catching cars ignoring the sign and turning onto the blocked-off street anyway. Citizen’s, confused, begun asking the city what was going on on social media.